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3 ways robot can boost your business

July 17th, 2019

When it comes to business events, itís all about making a lasting impact with your brand. From the music to the atmosphere, everything comes together to create a memory which your attendees will take home with them ó so you want it to be a positive one. If you run business events and youíre looking for a fresh and unique way to make your event truly memorable, you might want to consider hiring a service robot. Here are just three reasons it might be for you.

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ITV Welcomes Emily

July 8th, 2019

Other than the fun aspect that Emily the robot photographer can give at events, ITV this morning investigated if robots do have a place in day to day life, can robots live alongside us humans? Every day we are being tested with automation and with the newest buzz words in computer science and robotics "Artificial intelligence (A.I)" Let us look at health care and the service industry, Robots cleaning the floors of hospitals for example. How about robots bringing food to a patientís bedside? Emily has a sister called Amy and she is actually a waitress.

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All ready for the Awards Ceremony

June 28th, 2019

Arrived nice and early and straight away guests are having fun with Emily, Its going to be fun at this evenings awards ceremony.

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Emily's first wedding.

April 7th , 2019

Garry and Megan became the first couple to have photos taken by a robot photographer, They wanted their future to be truly futuristic. As nervous as she was being tasked to photograph the first ever bride and groom , Emily did not disappoint.

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She is making all the news

April 5th , 2019

Emily has made big news all over the web and in the press, Following her first ever wedding The Sun newspaper heard about Garry and Megan from Warwickshire having wedding photos taken by a robot photographer!

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