About Emily

About emily

Photo booth hire to Robot

Emily the robot photographer is designed for special events. Photo booths are large static bulky arcade style booths that can often look out of place at special events like at a wedding. Magic mirror hire is also a gone trend, again being static in the corner of the room that can also take up so much space. Move over photo booths, Go back on the wall 'magic mirror', something new and exciting is on the block, Now meet Emily the robot photographer, let her loose and watch your guests have fun!

Unlike hiring a photobooth or a magic mirror, Emily is fully autonomous, we are talking level Five – complete automation. Emily will roam around your venue, turn and change directions to avoid obstacles such as tables and chairs. Emily can even detect humans, she loves to talk and most of all she is a great photographer especially at weddings and corporate events, after all she was trained by John Price Photography

Emily is great at corporate events, she can even approach guests at an event and ask them to take a survey? There is so much to Emily everyone just falls in love with her.

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What Do You Get With Emily

  • Free delivery and setup (within radius - see packages)
  • Friendly and professional on-site technician
  • Unlimited hi-resolution commercial quality prints
  • Guests can even email and text photos to themselves
  • USB pen drive supplied at the end of the event with all images
  • Unique favour for all of your guest to remember your event
  • Customised photo or text on the screen to greet guests with
  • Customised welcome speech greeting

Meet Emily

Grand Openings

Imagine Emily approaching your guests with a greeting promoting your brand on her screen. Your guests and clients will know you have gone the extra mile to make this event extra special. Emily can even approach guests and play a video to promote your grand opening. Anyone fancy a photo? of course Emily will always take a cracking shot.

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We have all seen them photo booths and magic mirrors stuck in a corner of your venue, But now is the time for Emily the robot to wow your guests. Emily can even entertain and welcome your guests as they arrive at your venue. She can even display a personal welcome greeting from you.

Oh, and don't you just hate them Lull periods after the wedding breakfast, Then this is where Emily will take over and have fun snapping your guests as they strike the funniest pose. They all also get to take photos home, what a great idea! a true Wow entertainment factor not to be missed.

Corporate Events

Bring back the pizzaz and sparkle that is often missed at some events. You need people to relax and raise a smile. Maybe you would like to challenge the attendees by getting Emily to ask a series of questions and they then have to choose the right answer with the winner receiving a prize! Now that's the kind of corporate event I like to go to.

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Emily is pretty versatile and can do a lot of things including marketing. Emily can show videos and talk to clients, she can even persuade them to hold a product sample up for a photo. Oh and by the way, any photos will also be branded with whatever you wish. Marketing is tough business but making it fun and enjoyable is always a winning recipe.